There are numerous projects of android application, in which some of are currently on play store and some are in progress. I have made some applications on android and blackberry.

7.Swachh Jalandhar

It is an application, that help people to target the areas affected by garbage across the city.It is the project, given by Municipal Corporation Jalandhar itself and I made it for the citizens of my hometown Jalandhar to make the city greener and cleaner.


6.Damn Sure

Learning something is the nature of Human Being and it keeps on alive when you keep your vision spotlight on meaningful and interesting things.

5.Abc Tech

A new kind of abc to teach kids about IT world and make them prepare to spell difficult words in an interesting form with voice note to every alphabet.

4.Whats Your Status

An application for social networks like facebook, whatsapp  to amuse the friends and relatives around you.


3.Name the fruit

Well yes it is quiz question to detect the fruit in given picture , but its not so easy, because you are not aware of  some fruits in the world.

2. Indian Legends

Legend word small in word but it is big in its real world. Mentioning some legends in the application is tribute for them to salute their achievements in life and inspiration for younger generations.


My first application was on Android when I was pursuing my Bachelors of Computers Application at APJ College. It pop up numerous features like announcement, upcoming events, Timetable, E complaint board which allows every individual to stay connected with college activities.

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